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About wicked waters 

My name is Savanah Gauthier and I founded Wicked Waters in 2016 in the historic town of Salem Massachusetts. I started studying the art of soap crafting in early 2012 when I decided that I wanted to go a more natural route with many of the products I used every day.  After mastering the craft and falling in love with it, I decided to share my beautiful creations with the world and Wicked Waters was born. All soaps and bath products are made without any unnecessary chemicals. They are made in the same fashion you could imagine them to be made generations ago, from scratch in small batches and with love.  


Wicked Waters will be cutting back on plastic product packaging starting June 2019 to help protect the world’s oceans from plastic pollution. We cannot remove all the plastic from our product Packaging but we are cutting down the best we can.

Please Handle Glass Jars & Bottles Responsibly!


Hand Crafted Soaps
Made cold process and handcrafted with natural, high-quality oils and natural herbs. Each soap is hand cut one by one and cured on a curing rack for several weeks until ready to be labeled. Each label is created and cut especially for each bar and hand tied into a bow with natural twine. Each soap is colored with beautiful mica’s, natural clays, powdered coconut milk, cocoa, activated charcoal and/or natural herbs. They are scented with essential oils, high-quality fragrance oils or they can also come scentless. Wicked Waters products are not tested on animals. Large bars of soap have a net weight of 4.0 oz. each.

Custom Orders

Wicked Waters offers many different kinds of soaps to match any kind of theme from fun and colorful, with delightful fragrances, to all natural soaps scented with essential oils and natural herbs.
I can work with you to create products based on a specific shop theme.

Contact me through phone or email for that specific custom service.

Wicked Waters Bath Salts
Bath salts come in 6.0-ounce bottles. They are made with a rich blend of Himalayan pink salt, Jojoba oil, natural clays, and all natural sea salts. Depending on the type of bath salt, they may also include herbs, activated charcoal, unrefined and cold pressed vitamin E oil from wheat germ, cocoa butter, shea butter, and other ingredients. Each bottle of salts is decorated with a unique quote on each bottle.

Wicked Waters Sugar Scrubs 

Sugar Scrubs come in glass amber jars with black lids. They are made with fine sugar, coconut oil, olive oil and organic unrefined vitamin E oil that has been cold pressed from wheat germ. Depending on the type of scrub, they may also be made with natural clays, cocoa butter, essential oils or high quality fragrance oils, activated charcoal, local Massachusetts honey, exfoliating seeds and herbs (poppy seeds), Eco-friendly biodegradable vitamin beads, Oatmeal and many other skin loving ingredients. Each jar is decorated with a unique quote on each Jar.

Wicked Waters Bath Bombs

Bath Bombs are fun balls of salts and starches that fizz up when dropped into a tub of warm water. They are sold sealed in clear cellophane to protect them from breaking. Bath bombs are used to add fragrance/essential oils, scent and color to bathwater depending on the type you use. Wicked Waters Bath Bombs are colored with fun colors, dried herbs, and/or mixed with biodegradable glitters and shimmer powders for a fun bath experience. Each ball is scented with high-quality fragrance oils or essential oils.

The Serenity Collection of Bath Bombs are specifically made with only earthbound ingredients for a natural luxury bath experience. There are no artificial color or fragrance oils used within them. They are packed with herbs, essential oils and other ingredients such as natural clays and activated charcoal. They come scentless or scented with herbs and essential oils.

Each bomb is made by hand, one ball at a time and they are made without any unnecessary ingredients. You may see small cracks around each ball but that is nature of the drying process and does not mean the ball is broken. Essential Oil scented bombs have a milder aroma compared to bombs scented with fragrance oils.

Wholesale Orders

Contact me via email, text or call. I can mail you or email

you a wholesale catalog if you meet all of the requirements. 

If You Have Any Questions Please See the FAQ Page or Email Me Directly

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