Soap favors are perfect and practical for Weddings, Baby Showers/Sprinkles, Birthday Parties and any event possible! Soaps are fantastic and unique favors for all guests because they are something people can use after the event whether it is to wash with or use as a beautiful & aromatic decoration for their homes. All soaps are made cold-process from scratch in small batches and cut into bars by hand.


The tops of each bar are either smooth or they are decorated with a frosting design.


 Each bar of soap is about a 0.25 inch - 0.5 inch thick, about 2.5 inches tall and about 2 inches wide.
Not all of the bars are exactly the same because they are cut by hand, one bar at a time.
That is the nature of handcrafted soaps but that is what makes them special and unique. They are hotel soap sized.


I can make soaps of almost any color and I can make soaps that are swirled or layered with multiple colors as well if desired. All colorants are mineral based colorants.
Gray or Black is colored with Activated Charcoal.
I can also color the soaps with clays and herbs.


All soaps are scented with fragrance oils or can come scentless.
Essential oils are available as well.
Please message me with the scent you are interested in for your favors! I have a list of fragrances and essential oils in the photo gallery.


I can add many different additives that can be added to the soaps free of charge. The additives add a special  and elegant touch to handcrafted soaps.
They create character and many even have exfoliating properties. Check out the l