About Custom Bar Soaps
One order is 9 bars of soap.

Custom Soaps are great for people looking for something specific. They are beautiful and unique gifts for anyone of any age. They are also great for personal use because they are customized to your liking.
All soaps are made cold process. The tops of each bar are either smooth or they are decorated with a frosting design. Each bar of soap is about 4.0 oz. each, 2 inches tall, an inch thick and 3.5 inches wide. Not all of the bars are exactly the same because they are made from scratch in small batches and cut by hand, one bar at a time. That is the nature of hand crafted soaps but that is what makes them special and unique.

All soaps are tied with custom labels made with hard, cream colored stock paper. Upon Request, soaps do not need to have any labels. Soaps can be shipped bare.  Each label includes the name of each bar (Named by scent), ingredient list and a custom quote. If bars are made for personal use and no quote is needed, the label will include the Wicked Waters Logo in place of the quote. All labels are tied onto each bar with natural twine. The custom quote can say anything as long as I can make it fit. I will send you a photo of a labeled soap to make sure it is exactly what you would like it to say. Fonts will be discussed when the order is made

I can make soaps of almost any color and I can make soaps that are multiple colors as well if desired. All soaps are scented with fragrance oils or can come fragrance free. I can make soaps 100% vegan as well as natural. Essential oils are available upon request only if the desired oil is in stock. All scents and colors will be discussed when the order is made.

All custom orders are done through full communication with me by phone and email. I can also decorate them with a dusting of fine mica for a beautiful shimmer, colored sugar or dried herbs id desired. 


All custom orders take 5 weeks to make. Please order 5 weeks before they are needed. Contact me with any questions.

Custom Bar Soaps


No returns or exchanges on any custom orders. 
Request a Cancellation:  No cancellations accepted 24 hours after order is placed.