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Questions & Answers

Is Wicked Waters Organic?

No, Wicked Waters products are NOT organic. We do not have a certification for organic nor claims any product made and sold is organic. We do however use some ingredients in our products that are organic which is why it is sometimes seen in ingredient lists.


What is the Return & Exchange Policy on Orders? What about Cancellations?

Unfortunately, due to the nature of handcrafted products, we do not accept returns or exchanges.
There is also no cancelations on orders once they are placed.

We accept cancelations on Custom Orders for 24 hours after an

order is placed.

Are the soaps "Glycerin Soaps"?

Yes. Glycerin is a natural component of the oils used to make soaps. It is produced naturally during the saponification process. Glycerin is naturally a hygroscopic compound which means that it absorbs water from the air which in soaps, makes it a natural skin emollient.


What is the difference between essential oils and fragrance oils?
Essential oils are pure and natural extracts that come from plants. They are commonly used for adding fragrance to products. Fragrance oils are artificial alternatives for essential oils.
Essential Oils are great if you are looking for an natural scented soap like Peppermint or Rosemary but if you are looking for a fun and silly scented soap like “Cotton Candy” or “Banana Nut Bread” then you want a soap with fragrance oil.  There are thousands of different aromas that can be made with fragrance oils and only a handful of fragrances that can come from essential oils. It is important to read the ingredient lists of the products so you know what kind of oil is used to scent the product. It will say "Essential or Fragrance oil"

Why is soap made with sodium hydroxide (lye)?

Sodium Hydroxide, also known as Lye is one of the most important ingredients in soap making because without it, you cannot make soap.  Soap is created by a chemical reaction between water, oils and sodium hydroxide, that reaction is called saponification.  Don’t worry, no sodium hydroxide is left in a finished bar of soap!

What is "Curing"?

Curing is basically allowing the water content in the soaps to dehydrate from the bars. The longer they cure the longer they last. All soaps are cut and left to "cure" on a rack for 4-6 weeks before being labeled and sold.

Do the soaps last long when used?

Because the soaps are handcrafted with extra skin loving oils and the least amount of chemicals as possible, It is important to make sure that the soaps are stored in a dry place when not in use.
Removing the soap from the shower after use is a great way to prolong the lifespan of the soaps.

Why are the soaps I ordered not cut perfectly? Why are some of the bars cut bigger then others?

Once the soap is ready to be cut, each loaf is cut by hand with a blade and a wooden guide one bar at a time until all bars are cut. Then they are placed on a rack to “Cure” for 4-6 weeks. I do not use any machines to cut the soaps. The bars are not perfect which is another reason they are unique. All bars are weighed to make sure they are 4 ounces or more to be sold. All bars are sold at a Net Weight of 4 ounces. Some bars will be slightly bigger then others but
never under 4 ounces.

Why are the Bath Bombs Cracked? Are they Broken?

Most of the Bath Bombs contain natural clay and other natural additives which causes the bombs to crack when they go through the drying process. This is normal. The bath bombs are not broken.
Wicked Waters Bath Bombs also do not contain any unnecessary chemicals that are commonly used in many factory-made bath bombs to keep them from cracking when drying. 

How Come The Bath Bombs are so mild in scent?

Wicked Waters Bath Bombs are luxury products & made without large amounts of fragrance. They are great for people to enjoy who have sensitivities towards strong fragrances. They are also mild in scent to create a more relaxing experience without an overwhelming aroma. If the bath bomb seems to be scentless when it is dry, the fragrance does come alive more when it is submerged in warm water.
Wicked Waters makes bath bombs with Essential Oils as well as Fragrance Oils. All bath bombs made with Essential Oils are found in the Serenity Collection. Wicked Waters does make bath bombs that do carry a stronger scent than others but that is due to the nature of the oils used. For Example; Peppermint oil and Eucalyptus oil carry a stronger fragrance then Lemon Oil.

What do I need to know about the Sugar Scrubs & Salt Scrubs?

Wicked Waters Sugar Scrubs and Salt Scrubs are made without preservatives. It is important that you keep water out of the jars at all times. Use a dry spoon to scoop out a desired amount from the jar before use. Do not use fingers, especially wet fingers to scoop out the scrub. The water inside the jar can cause the scrub to expire. Water can cause mold to form within the jar. Do not continue to use the scrub if mold forms in the jar. Expose of the product appropriately.


Sugar scrubs and salt scrubs are made with oils. It is important to wash out the bathtub well before and after use to prevent slipping! 


All sugar scrubs and salt scrubs are packaged in amber glass jars. The amber color helps reduce natural light from penetrating the product.


DO NOT BRING THE GLASS JARS or BOTTLES INTO A SHOWER or a BATHTUB. Keep GLASS Jars/bottles upright on a safe, dry & sturdy surface. It is your responsibility to make sure you handle all Wicked Waters glass products carefully.

Please recycle all plastic and glass products or dispose of them appropriately.


I ordered a soap a few months go and then ordered the same one again and it looked different. Why?

All Wicked Waters soaps are made in small batches from scratch. Every batch will look different due to being custom made. Swirls, patterns and exact shades of colors may vary. The ingredients will still be the same.

Is there any animal testing in Wicked Waters products?

There is absolutely no animal testing in any of the products. All of the products, including soaps that are made for dogs, are tested by family, friends and myself.

I would like a Custom Order?

When do you start to make them?

All Custom Orders go into production as soon as payment is placed and the order is finalized. It takes 5 weeks to make, cure, label and ship the soaps so we need at least 5 weeks before they are needed.
If you would like a custom order, You can purchase from the Custom Orders section in the Shop, and then contact us

directly to go over details.


The number of Soap Favors I want to order is not listed in the shop? What do I do?

If the number of bars you want to order is not an option in the shop listings, contact us directly and we will make that option available to you. All custom soap favors are $2.50 each as a guide. I can make as many as you would like.
All full-sized (4.0 Ounce Bars) custom soap orders are sold by a minimum amount.

Why are Wicked Waters Products sold in GLASS jars & bottles? What do I need to know?

Wicked Waters wants to do their part in protecting the world's oceans from plastic the best that we can. We decided to reduce our plastic usage with our product packaging.


DO NOT BRING THE GLASS JARS or BOTTLES INTO A SHOWER or a BATHTUB. Keep GLASS Jars/bottles upright on a safe, dry & sturdy surface. It is your responsibility to make sure you handle all Wicked Waters glass products carefully.

Please recycle all plastic and glass products or dispose of them appropriately.

I am in search for a soap with no Artificial ingredients, Where should I look and what should I look for?

If you are in search of a soap that is completely free from all artificial ingredients, choose a soap that is scentless or scented with essential oils for those are natural. Fragrance oils are artificial alternatives for essential oils. You also need to look for a soap that is colored with natural herbs, dried vegetables, coffee, cocoa powder, activated charcoal or clay. You will find many options in the Serenity Collection in the Shop section.  Mica is often used in soaps to create beautiful elaborate colors but it is technically considered artificial.  Mica is a general term for a collection of natural Earth minerals that are mined, purified and ground up into fine powders. Some mica’s are also man-made and created in a lab. Micas are often combined with oxides and pigments to create bright and vibrant colors which are the reason they are considered artificial. Pigments and Oxides are considered “nature identical” which means they are exactly the same chemical structure as the minerals found in the Earth but they are created in a lab to guarantee purity. Because they are created in a lab, they are considered artificial even though they are constructed from minerals. Micas are in fact, plastic-free as well as environmentally friendly so no oceans are harmed. 

What is "Handcrafted soap"?

Handcrafted is when the product is made by hand.
None of my products are made with any kind of machinery except a small hand blender to blend the ingredients. A lot of patience and love also goes into each batch. Many people love handcrafted soaps because they are high quality and the ingredient list is understandable to read.
All soaps are made in small batches as well (15 bars of soap per batch). Once the soap is ready to be cut, each loaf is cut by hand with a blade and a wooden guide one bar at a time until all bars are cut. Then they are placed on a rack to “Cure” for 4-6 weeks. 


How are the soaps labeled?
All soaps are labeled with labels that I make and cut one by one. Each label is made with a hard cardstock and tied on the soaps with natural twine. Each label is specially made for each kind of soap.

Custom labels are made for custom orders.

I bought a soap a year ago and I have never seen it for sale again, why?

All Wicked Waters soaps and other products are made in small batches. Once the batch is sold, it is rarely remade unless it is requested for remake in a custom order. A new and different batch is then made in its place. If you fall in love with a specific soap, you can email me and I can see what I can do about bringing it back again or you can order it as a custom soap order.

Do the larger Ingredients in the
products clog the drain?

You can remove larger sized Ingredients from the products or from the tub if you are afraid of clogging the drain but smaller ingredients such as Biodegradable glitter, powdered herbs, Vitamin Beads are not expected to cause clogging. If you have a tub that easily clogs, The products with large size ingredients are not recommended for use in that tub. Some Larger ingredients used in some products are Rose Petals, Lavender, Calendula Petals and Rosemary. Wicked Waters carries many products that do not contain any large ingredients. You can also create a custom order without any large ingredients as well.

Are the soaps Certified Vegan?

No. Wicked Waters is not certified vegan.
Wicked Waters does carry many soaps & products that are "vegan" because they are: plant-based, made without any animal fats and animal products. The Mica's used to color the products are mineral-based colorants. 
Some of the products contain local honey which is NOT vegan because it is the product of the honey bee. Some products contain beer and wine which is also NOT vegan.
It is your responsibility to read all of the ingredients listed before ordering a product.

No Wicked Waters products are made of any dairy ingredients or animal fats.

Palm Oil is Used in the Soaps? Is it Sustainable?  

All Palm Oil used in Wicked Waters products is sustainably sourced. All Palm Oil used in the products is certified RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil)

Do Wicked Waters Products Cure or Treat any Diseases or Health Issues?

In NO way does Wicked Waters claim any product, or ingredients in any products treat or cure any illness, health condition or disease!! Wicked Waters does not give any health advice.

Wicked Waters Products are not intended, nor can they be used to diagnose, treat, mitigate, cure, prevent or otherwise be used for any disease or medical condition. More information is located in the disclaimers.

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